KPluz is the most comprehensive online academic excellence system in the country today for pre-school, elementary, and high school students. It provides endless examples and exercises for eight (8) subjects: Math, Science, English, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, MAPEH, EPP/TLE, and Mandarin. It also features tutorials, learning tools, solvers, games, and trivia.


Because it is an online system, it is accessible anywhere and anytime via the internet, allowing the student to use it at home, in school, on the road, or even abroad.


A KPluz account is very affordable at just P4,999 per per student year. Many parents have already made this very low annual investment and are now very happy to see their children master the five major subjects mentioned. 


To get a KPluz account so your child can take advantage of our unique online academic excellence system for one whole year, just follow these simple steps:


How to Buy a KPluz Account


Step 1.  Deposit your payment of P4,999 into our Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) bank account:


BDO Account Name: ACADEV Technologies, Inc.

BDO Account Number: 001528060306


Step 2.  Text us at (0917)812-7757, or call us at 881-3735, or PM us at informing us that you have deposited your payment for your KPluz account. In your text or PM, tell us also what KPluz account grade level you want.


Step 3.  We will text or email you your username and password within 24 hours after we confirm your payment.  You can then log into: using this username and password to avail of all the features for your account's level. Your account will be valid for one year from your first log-in.


Important reminder: Please don't deposit your payment into any other bank account to ensure the security of your payment.  


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